Bandit is blind and in need of special attention:

Bandit is AAHA's 7 year old Australian Cattle dog mix still in search of his forever home!  He has been with the rescue for some time now, but we have come to know him well and have discovered what a playful, fun dog Bandit can be despite his limitations of being blind, and some secondary fearfulness which is easily managed. 

Unfortunately his eye condition cannot be corrected, but other then yearly check ups, does not require medical intervention at this time. 

Bandit is a great pup who would enjoy the peace and quiet of a loving home! His needs are not that much...a fenced yard to roam and sniff around in, a soft dog bed to sleep on at night, and yummy treats that he really looks forward to getting from the volunteers who walk him! 

While he waits for his furever home, AAHA is also looking for experienced dog walkers to have regular socialization/walks with Bandit. He walks very well, and can keep up with the fastest of walkers. Until the time comes when he finds his special person to love him like we do, we want to keep him active, appreciated, and loved!

Please contact us if you can help, or want to learn more about this special dog!