AAHA courtesy post: China Doll

China Doll is just the sweetest 5 year old American Bulldog mix that you could ever imagine! She is the kind of special dog we all dream of sharing our lives with — people and dog friendly, highly intelligent, house trained and healthy. What is really special about China, though, is her incredible resilience! She had been turned in to a county shelter by an alleged animal abuser after failing to make her mean enough to fight. Her spirit was quite the opposite; the harder he tried the sweeter she got.

The shelter staff immediately saw what a gem China is and so, when they noticed a few growths on her beautiful body, the shelter Director (also a Vet) removed the spots herself and had them tested; proving they were benign. Because of her lovely temperament a staff person took her home to recover from the surgery.

Today China Doll is in foster care but desperately seeking her furever family — a family that will provide and share the love and warmth she so deserves.

"Delightful! China dwells happily with our little dog. Every human being that China meets is a bosom-buddy. Her entire body wags ... all around good manners and eager to please. China wears an almost constant smile!" —China`s Foster Mom

To meet China please contact Recycled Love Rescue at giveadogahometoday@gmail.com. Please hurry!