Domino, better known as Domie, is a 3 year old Scottish terrier, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Great Dane, Dachshund mix. When he came into his caretaker's life he was in pretty bad shape — extremely underweight, and losing his fur. He became fast-friends with the black lab already living in the home but didn't get along with strange dogs. Although he is a bit timid in new situations he's on-the-mend and looking for a caring companion! Domino went to a great foster home after being at the kennel under AAHA care for months. In foster he adjusted well with a regular schedule and lots of good care. We are hoping to continue his great progress!

Seeking continued foster-care for Domi!

While Domino continues to gain trust of people and his surroundings, AAHA believes he would do best in an home – adult-only, or one with only teenage children.

Could you be the one to provide that unique, caring environment for this special dog?!

Domino loves to nudge your hand for attention. He is timid, but curious about things around him. Loud noises do startle him and make him nervous. Domi is house broken and crate trained but he loves to get out for walks and car rides. He does not pull or chase things on-leash. Domino has been introduced to other dogs and, although he may not be ‘playful,’ he doesn’t mind them nearby. He will sit and shake your hand with his paw, but laying down is based on his mood.
— From Domino's foster parents

Domino with his pal Gretta