Gator arrived at the shelter in late March as a stray and in rough shape. When contacted, his former family opted to relinquish him and cited "no time" as the reason. Although somber about his new situation, Gator made fast-friends at the shelter and became a volunteer favorite! We can not find a single negative thing to say about this pup!

Gator loves to give kisses, play fetch, give kisses, take treats (he's coming along with the 'sit' command), give kisses, go for walk and rides and what else...oh yeah, GIVE KISSES!

Gator is almost 70 lbs but is a little thin. Gator didn't fuss at the other dogs in the shelter and he has met several at the rescue kennel and seemed completely fine....even offering a kiss to pretty girl Nala thru the fence.

Gator loves to have his head scratched (brain scratchies, if you will). He spends so much time thinking about how great his post-shelter life is going to be that it itches his brain. And you have to scratch it. And then he kisses you.

Gator is a sweet, loving, big – yet not over bearing – boy who will be an AWESOME and loyal companion to his new family. 💜

Gator is a house-trained neutered male with up-to-date vaccinations.