Leo, who was called "Bear" in the first chapter of his life, is a very sweet 1 yr old Shar Pei/ Chow mix who really loves to be outside – just sitting and going for walks.


Before coming into the AAHA Rescue, Leo (as Bear) was brought to the Harford Co shelter by an Animal Control Officer with 3 other dogs. It appears that all of the dogs were left in their crates by the breeder with limited socialization, and had skin and coat issues consistent with neglect. Upon arrival, the dogs seemed perplexed by basic things like going for a walk, or receiving any sort of positive attention.

In the few months since his rescue, Leo has made tremendous progress. But he still really needs a lot in terms of socialization. He has not shown any degree of aggression toward people or dogs – but sometimes has a flight response out of fear and unfamiliarity. Leo also needs continued work on basic training skills such as house-breaking, leash walking, and coming when called.

AAHA is looking to foster or adopt Leo out to a home with an experienced dog owner who can take the time to help him flourish.