COURTESY POST: Maximus is a 3 year old German Shepherd who does well with other/older dogs. He is extremely attached to our pit and even insist on sleeping in the same kennel as her. We are looking for a home with someone who has experience with German Shepherds. Maximus needs time to become comfortable with other people and dogs.

He likes to bicker with the cats. He has never hurt them and often cries whenever they swing at him. I am not sure how he is with smaller animals such as rabbits or hamsters

Maximus eats Purina One Smart Blend. However, he is a very picky eater and is under weight. We often add gravy or a raw egg to make him eat all off his food. Other than his weight he is fairly healthy and up to date with his Bordetella, Rabies and DAPP vaccinations.

Maximus does well in a pet lodge. He has had several overnight stays at the Dogwood Pet lodge in Windsormill. And we haven't gotten any complaints from the handlers about him with people or other dogs.

He is very much a guard dog (not an attack dog). He can be very loud with strangers but has never attacked or bitten anyone. I believe he was abused in his previous home. He cowers when being yelled at by owner or when he's in trouble an can be very sensitive. He may even pee himself. My husband is very good with him but is deploying soon and I just cant handle Max on top of all of my responsibilities and having to downsize with my husband gone.

He loves children, other dogs and attention once he's comfortable with you.

Maximums sleeps in a kennel with our pit. We do not let either of them out when we aren't home just because they are known to get into everything (and our Pit chews). He is not pad trained and needs to go out a few times a day if being fed properly. He has never used the bathroom in their kennel.

If you are interested in meeting Maximus please contact Aliyah at 443-900-5573 or! 💜


Maximus is up to date with vaccinations. He would be good in a home with other dogs.

Please contact Aliyah at