Tank really fooled us because we thought he was a 2 year old pup considering his handsome looks and great personality. But he is actually about 6 or7! Also, he is as friendly as he looks in his adorable pictures, but is actually a smaller lab/pitty mix; around 45 pounds.

Tank lost his home due to his owner’s work hours changing where he would be left for extended periods of time which caused him great anxiety. So, we are seeking to change his environment and improve his schedule. We seek to forever-home Tank with someone who has a pretty consistent schedule. Someone who is either home often, can take him with them to a dog-friendly work setting, or can provide him with a dog-walker/doggie day-care would be ideal.

Although Tank is a real cuddler, he also enjoys being the lead trail-blazer when hiking in the woods – especially with other dogs! He loves car-rides, doggie puzzles, and hiking to interesting places. He thrives best when he gets with plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and training exercises. Tank is good with children and he's good with other dogs. Living as part of a family with a companion pup could be just what this Terrific Tank needs.

Tank is a house-trained neutered male with up-to-date vaccinations.

He would do best in a home with children and other dogs.