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AAHA, established in 2001, is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization dedicated to rescuing and assisting animals in crisis.  We have a particular commitment to the Pit Bull, and aim to raise awareness and education about this very misunderstood breed of dog.

We serve as a resource and/or liaison for shelters, individuals and animal control, advocating for any animal in need.

AAHA supports Spay & Neuter initiatives in our local community.

We're a Pit Bull-friendly animal rescue!

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Moose is an adorable young puppy, not even a year old, who was made “rescue only” at the shelter (meaning he could only leave the shelter by way of a rescue pulling him) due to his extensive dental issues- he was diagnosed with a cleft lip. 

AAHA pulled him and we are seeking help with the high cost of his dental surgery at the dental specialist at Cromwell Bridge Veterinary Center ($2100.00). 

If you can contribute in any small way, we would greatly appreciated it! Just use the “donation” button on this Go Fund Me page

Thank you as always for your support! 

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

Marty Sitnick's Animal Rescue Fund

100% of your donation to this fund will support the fantastic animals at AAHA!
Marty Sitnick is a long-standing AAHA friend, supporter, and Animal Behavior Counselor. Many thanks to him for his continued dedication to the AAHA Rescue.

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