This 6 years old, 59 pound gal is good for your spirit and soul! Polly (aka, Ladybug II) has a great habit of brightening your day! She is full of kisses and tail wags, and will never pass up a good belly rub or a treat … which she takes very gently. Polly also loves a good game of fetch with her person. She is a dream passenger in a vehicle where she hops right in and doesn’t make a sound on the road.

Polly has done well meeting other dogs and has no guarding behaviors with toys or food. BTW, she loves string cheese (but who doesn’t?!)! All around, Polly is a perfect girl who only happens to be homeless because she lived in a county that bans her breed. Let’s help put this girl’s life back to normal – Please reach out if you’d like to meet our darling Polly! 💜

Polly (aka, Ladybug II) is a house-trained spayed female with up-to-date vaccinations.

She would be good in a home with other dogs.